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Интернет Ярмарка TARG.com.ua Редкие и волшебные вещи

Pilgrim, Visitor to our Internet Fair TARG.com.ua , - walking up to our mall! This you will not find anywhere else. At our Fair has it all: from jewelry and handmade clothing, to rare and magical items overseas artisanal. Do you have any questions?
Or maybe you're the Master, who wants to sell the work done by their hands? Or do you merchant that brought a rare thing from overseas lands? Register, open up his shop and sell!

The largest Ukrainian fair things handmade invites!

Free registration: http://targ.com.ua/personal/register.php
Frequently asked questions about the Fair http://targ.com.ua/faq/
Татьяна Белокрылец

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Авторские украинские  куклы - мотанки
Татьяны Белокрылец

Кукла-мотанка или узловая кукла является украинской традиционной куклой.
Кукла-мотанка - прадавний оберег роду людского.
Обязательное качество куклы - сакральный крест на лице. Он плетется  определенным образом из ниток, символизирует единение женского (горизонтальная полоса - земля) и мужского (вертикальная полоса - небо) начала. Несет в себе мощную энергетику. Мощнейший оберег для хозяина...

Каждая кукла экслюзивная, сделанная в одном единственном экземпляре!

За детальной информацией насчет покупки обращайтесь по телефону :


 или пишете:   bereginya@itt.net.ua

Официальный сайт - http://motanka.ucoz.ru

В ЖЖ -  http://ljalka-motanka.livejournal.com

Promotional Talent Needed

Across the Nation Talent and Staffing are looking for some experienced and professional talent to add to our database in Arkansas. We have both model and costume character work occurring nationwide with popular and recognizable clientele and costume characters, that you know and love!

We would love to add you to our database!

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Wink & Pucker

Parrot Beach Cafe Entertainment Lineup...

Parrot Beach Café (9611 MacArthur Drive, North Little Rock, AR. 72118, (501) 771-2994) is located on MacArthur Drive, also known as Old Conway Hwy & Hwy 365 North between the Crystal Hill & Oak Grove communities.
(Watch for the motorcycles sticking up out of the ground to mark our motorcycle parking area, right up front. We have plenty of parking for other vehicles as well.)
Once you come here, you will keep coming back! We have dish-network cable television, a lounging area with a big screen television, a delicious food menu to die for such as Pizza, Burgers, Beef & Chicken products and so much more at reasonable prices. We have coke products, tea, coffee, longnecks, mixers, wines, & we have the coldest wells in town by pitcher or frozen mug.

Smoker & Biker Friendly, Ages 21 & up, Identifications Checked.

We take cash, most credit cards & debit cards for your convience.
http://www.myspace.com/parrot_beach_cafe or type Parrot Beach Café in your browsers address bar.

We are now taking show bookings for 2009! Call (501) 771-2994 or message Theresa at the Parrot Beach Café website today!

NOTICE: Parrot Beach Café has Karaoke Night with D.J. Nate (Nathan) from 8 pm – midnight, every Wednesday night. He has over 100,000 karaoke songs to pick from. Come on out and bring a friend for some awesome fun. Everyone is invited, 21 & up. This is a smoking establishment!

If you have an up coming birthday, please don’t hesitate to let me know, so I can list your birthday on our calendar for enquiring minds who want to know….
Birthdays this month......
4th..........Lisa Owings
9th..........Ray Talbert
16th........Mary Brewer
19th........Mark Wages

Every Tuesday, 7:30 pm, Sporting Event, “APA Tournaments” (Amateur Pool Association). No cover! Parrot Beach Cafe, 9611 MacArthur Drive, NLR, AR. (501) 771-2994

Every Wednesday, 8 pm – 12 am, “KARAOKE NIGHT” with D.J. Nate. He has over 100,000 songs to choose from. Bring your voice & a friend for some great fun! No Cover! Parrot Beach Cafe, 9611 MacArthur Drive, NLR, AR. (501) 771-2994

Every Thursday, 8 pm – 12 am, our house band performs live on stage for “Open Blues Jam Night” with, “PORT ARTHUR BAND” & many special guest musicians. No Cover! http://www.myspace.com/parrot_beach_cafe & http://www.myspace.com/portarthurband1
Parrot Beach Cafe, 9611 MacArthur Drive, NLR, AR. (501) 771-2994


Saturday, January 17th, 8 pm – 12 am, blues/funk artists, “Charlotte Taylor & Gypsy Rain” & special guests, classic rock artists, “Mandango Flush”. $5 Cover! Charlotte says, “Bring your roasting stick to poke marshmallows over the bonfire for a roasting good time in the beer garden!” Parrot Beach Cafe, 9611 MacArthur Drive, NLR, AR. (501) 771-2994
http://www.myspace.com/charlottetaylorandgypsyrain & http://www.myspace.com/mandangoflush

Friday, February 13th, at 8 pm, Classic Rock artists, “The Velte” will be performing live on our stage. $5 www.myspace.com/thevelte

Saturday, February 14th, at 8 pm, Juke Joint Blues/Hill Country Blues artists, “CASHMAN” will be performing live on our stage this Valentine’s Day. $5 www.myspace.com/raycashman

Saturday, February 21st, at 8 pm, Hosts celebrate, “KABF 88.3 FM MARI-GRA BASH” …more information on entertainment will be forth coming.. www.myspace.com/kabf

Friday, March 6th, at 8 pm, Classic Rock Artists, “PRICELESS BAND” this awesome band will be performing live on our stage to celebrate our Parrot Beach Café bartender, Samantha’s 23rd birthday and Drummer John Roach of Port Arthur Band will be celebrating his birthday as well. Come on out and celebrate with them.

Friday, May 8th, at 8 pm, “MIKE DARBY & THE HOUSE OF CARDS” will be performing live on stage from New Orleans, Louisiana with some Rock/Blues/Country tunes, here at Parrot Beach Café, 9611 MacArthur Drive, NLR, AR. (501) 771-2994 http://www.myspace.com/mikedarbyandthehouseofcards

We are now taking show bookings for 2009! Call (501) 771-2994 or message me at our Parrot Beach Café website messenger today!

Keep watching this myspace website for any latest information.

cooking of grains.

All grains, with the exception of rice, and the various grain meals, require prolonged cooking with gentle and continuous heat, in order to so disintegrate their tissues and change their starch into dextrine as to render them easy of digestion. Even the so-called "steam-cooked" grains, advertised to be ready for use in five or ten minutes, require a much longer cooking to properly fit them for digestion. These so-called quickly prepared grains are simply steamed before grinding, which has the effect to destroy any low organisms contained in the grain. They are then crushed and shredded. Bicarbonate of soda and lime is added to help dissolve the albuminoids, and sometimes diastase to aid the conversion of the starch into sugar; but there is nothing in this preparatory process that so alters the chemical nature of the grain as to make it possible to cook it ready for easy digestion in five or ten minutes. An insufficiently cooked grain, although it may be palatable, is not in a condition to be readily acted upon by the digestive fluids, and is in consequence left undigested to act as a mechanical irritant.

Water is the liquid usually employed for cooking grains, but many of them are richer and finer flavored when milk is mixed with the water, one part to two of water. Especially is this true of rice, hominy, and farina. When water is used, soft water is preferable to hard. No salt is necessary, but if used at all, it is generally added to the water before stirring in the grain or meal.

The quantity of liquid required varies with the different grains, the manner in which they are milled, the method by which they are cooked, and the consistency desired for the cooked grain, more liquid being required for a porridge than for a mush.

All grains should be carefully looked over before being put to cook.

In the cooking of grains, the following points should be observed:

1. Measure both liquid and grain accurately with the same utensil, or with two of equal size.

2. Have the water boiling when the grain is introduced, but do not allow it to boil for a long time previous, until it is considerably evaporated, as that will change the proportion of water and grain sufficiently to alter the consistency of the mush when cooked. Introduce the grain slowly, so as not to stop the sinking to the bottom, and the whole becomes thickened.

3. Stir the grain continuously until it has set, but not at all afterward. Grains are much more appetizing if, while properly softened, they can still be made to retain their original form. Stirring renders the preparation pasty, and destroys its appearance.

In the preparation of all mushes with meal or flour, it is a good plan to make the material into a batter with a portion of the liquid retained from the quantity given, before introducing it into the boiling water. This prevents the tendency to cook in lumps, so frequent when dry meal is scattered into boiling liquid. Care must be taken, however, to add the moistened portion very slowly, stirring vigorously meantime, so that the boiling will not be checked. Use warm water for moistening. The other directions given for the whole or broken grains are applicable to the ground products.

Place the grain, when sufficiently cooked, in the refrigerator or in some place where it will cool quickly (as slow cooling might cause fermentation), to remain overnight.

About the Author: John Ugoshowa. For more information about cooking see the cooking section of The Free Ad Forum at: .thefreeadforum.com/infowizards/CAT/Cooking_81_1.html

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Seven Tips To Make Your Salsa Recipe Better

So, you have what you think is the perfect salsa recipe and it is still not turning out the way it should when you make it? Or maybe you are looking for ways to make your fresh garden salsa even better? Well, here are seven tips to get the best out of your salsa recipe and turn an ordinary salsa into an extraordinary salsa.

1. Have the proper equipment and keep them in good shape. Make sure your knives are sharp and your cutting boards are clean. Keep several large bowls on hand. If you are using tomatoes, avoid metal bowls since the metal will interact with the acids in the tomatoes. A food processor is also a handy gadget to have and will decrease your salsa making time.

2. Always use fresh rip vegetables. Use local produce whenever you can. Vegetables grown in your or your neighbor's garden will always taste better. Explore your local farmers market for fresh produce. If you must buy from your local grocery store, experiment with organic produce if available.

3. Learn to chop food correctly. Take a class on food chopping and you can learn how to quickly and safely chop a wide variety of foods. Practice makes perfect in this regard.

4. Chop your salsa ingredients finely. Every scoop of salsa should have a little bit of each salsa ingredient in it. Finely chopped produce will ensure this. A food processor can help with this but be careful that you don't overdo it.

5. Always use fresh spices. The flavor and strength of spices deteriorate over time. Keep your spices in a lidded container away from sunlight. Write on the spice container the data that you opened it and throw away any spices older than six months. Whole spices can last longer.

6. Always use fresh oils. Like spices, oils lose their flavor over time and some can go rancid if kept too long. Oils kept in a closed container away from sunlight can last for up to 6 months. Oils high in monosaturated fats can last up to a year if stored in the refrigerator.

7. Once you have made your salsa, don't serve it immediately. Store the salsa in a sealed container in your refrigerator for two or more hours, overnight is best. This allows the different flavors in the salsa to "marry" creating a much better flavor. Your patience will be rewarded.

Following these seven tips will help make your fresh salsa the best it can be. Picking a good homemade salsa recipe is only half of what makes a good salsa. With a great salsa recipe, fresh quality ingredients, the right tools in top shape, and a few basic cooking skills you can make salsa that people will talk about for a long time.

About the Author: Daniel Lanicek is a salsa fanatic. He still wonders why no company wants to make and sell his salsa flavored cereal. You can learn more about salsa and get some great salsa recipes at .everythingsalsa.com

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Eureka Springs Attractions

My husband, son (11 1/2) and I are planning to go to Eureka Springs in a couple weeks.  We'd like to do some fun outdoors things (hiking, horseback riding, floating the river) do you guys have any tried and true places to go for fun?  Food?

Thanks in advance!
Angel and Saxophone

ID Checked for 21 and Over!

~ Parrot Beach Cafe at 9611 MacArthur Drive, North Little Rock, Arkansas 72118 ~

~ Hours Tuesday - Saturday 2pm until 12 midnight ~

~ Every Wednesday 8 pm - 12 midnight is KARAOKE ~

~ Every Thursday 8 pm - 12 midnight is *OPEN JAM NIGHT* includes our house band "Port Arthur Band" You can bring your instrument and sit in ~

~ HAPPY HOUR is Tuesday - Friday 4 pm - 7 pm ~

~ 50 Cent Pool Tables ~ Darts ~ Horseshoes ~ Juke box ~ & other games ~


October 27, 2006 is Bleeding Ink Band

October 28, 2006 is Cosmic Biscuit Band including a Halloween Party, so come dressed up!
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Brady Mountain Resort on Lake Ouachita

My family has made reservations at Brady Mountain Resort for our family vacation this year. I've been trying to find some reviews on the resort but so far I've only found two, one good and one bad. We've made reservations for one of the mobile homes, a large cabin, a duplex and a guest room. Has any one stayed at this resort that can tell anything about it?? I will be staying in the mobile home with 6 other people so any information will help me a lot!! Thank you!!!