Susannah Benedict (singer_mn_lead) wrote in arkansas_state,
Susannah Benedict

posted to littlerock as well

I'm living in Little Rock. Oringally from Maumelle.

My neighborhood has a small problem. this isn't the place to talk about it, but I feel like this must be done.

I live in a small neighborhood on Fourche Dam Pike, a small street between UPS and that insurance company, used to be Southwest Airlines. It is a 25 Speed Limit Zone. I ask that people not go down my road at any faster then that, please. I am one of the many 16 years of age and younger who live on that road. We have loose pets too. Like, my cat turned 1 year old on Halloween. On the 7th of Febraury, someone ran him over. I again ask you, please, to slow down. I would die if that happened again. please?

Also, my neighborhood is full of animals. please do not drop your unwanted animals in places like my street. that's why there is places like CARE.

Thank you,

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